Friday, November 20, 2009

Do You Like Color? Loose Paintings?

If you like paintings done loosely and with a feeling of spontaneity... if you love rich colors... then go introduce yourself to Sarkis Antikajian.

He was featured on OPB's Art Beat this week. You can view his Oregon Art Beat episode here (around 7 minutes) and/or visit his web site here. (If you watch the episode, they show his studio for just a moment...ohmygawd he has so many paintings done!)


Rudee said...

I've always been stuck on certain colors with my knitting, but lately, I'm hooked on mixing them up. In fact, I got it so bad, I've been buying new yarns just for the colors.

Brenda said...

I watched that and it was interesting. I agree with what he said at the end, about if you are not enjoying yourself it would be too much of chore. I think I see more talent in people when they first begin something and don't study it to death. I love watching artist outside with their easels....I got to see that not too long ago when we were out looking at the fall colors.
I love bright contrasting colors in most things, fabric, decor and art work.

Sandy said...

Thanks for the link. i went quickly to his website and the first painting on there, the flowers, still life, wow, love the loose style and the colors. I actually got to draw last night, wow. it was fun to just sit and do nothing but scribble.

Sue J said...

Great paintings, CC. Thanks for the link.

Wanda said...

Wow ~~ this man eats, sleeps, and lives his art!!! I wish I could be like that! Wonder if he has grandchildren????

You are so right....did you see how many painting lined his walls. If he paints every day....oh my goodness... I can not call myself an artist after watching this. I a piddler and a procrastinaor.... Maybe in 2010 ha ha.
Thanks for the link CC, it was most inspiring.