Monday, December 07, 2009

ABC Art Project

I'm late in starting, but here's my first three sketches representing the first three letters of the alphabet.

A is for Attitude. Attitude equals Bad. I drew this from imagination, but my imagination was fueled because this is how Darius behaved a few days ago. He stomped into the room, flopped his butt down on the chair, folded his arms across his chest, and stuck his lower lip out like he was an 8 months old baby. And guess what.... he recognized himself. We both smiled about it, cause you know... its been a few days. (I did these drawings sitting at a table and I can see how it distorted the perspective.)

B is for Barney Bear, bed mate of some mystical child who is perfect at all times. She can often be found in story books written by authors who has never had to care for a child or they have and are simply trying to make their fantasy real. (The mystical children can also be found in Disney movies. Sometimes.)

C is for cantalope. I know. I know. How damn clever is that! Falling back onto food when you can't think of anything else.
Darius was pretty taken by this one. He seemed to really like it, even though he couldn't remember what a cantalope looks like. I kind of swiped the method of depicting the mellon from something I have seen on the web... but I can't remember who or where. (Its been months.)

To find others who are participating, check out Sandy's art blog here. This link takes you to the home page and you will need to look around for her (and others') ABC entries. Like I said, I'm way behind.
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cat's momma said...

You captured a BAD ATTITUDE! Your bear and cantaloupe ... bear is cute and cantaloupe looks like one and the effect of the lines and slight color is cool. Good for you for getting started.

Sandy said...

Love it, especially
Darius's attitude. I swear I've seen the same thing on Hunt!

Glad you are joining in and already up to D.

Rudee said...

A was definitely my favorite. I think his is a universal expression and you captured it perfectly.

Gramma Ann said...

I like your ABC drawings. And like everyone else I like the "A" one best. Anyone who has been a mother has seen that look often.

Rosy said...

That is a very good sketch of Darius, and your Bear is really cute too, also like at how you sketch out your melon.

As Sandy had put it, it don't matter how often one is to post thsir ABC Art Project, she say there isn't a time limit on it...Whew! Cause here I am thinking I will never catch up.

Currently I am stuck with the letter I, and trying to get away from the plants which oftens comes to mind when I can't think of anything else to sketch.

Brenda said...

Well I liked the cantaloupe! I am glad you and Darius had a laugh about his sketch, and I hope he saves it.
Yes...aren't those mythtical children angels. Oh well, they can make us dream can't they.

MuseSwings said...

These are great! I love the cantaloupe. Wonderful texture and coloring.

Wanda said...

Love all three, but your really got Attitude down great. I think with a couple changes it could be my Nick or Jon....

Hopefully I can get started with something like this in January. I need to change my focus, and get to painting again.

Your cantaloupe made we want a slice.

Rosy said...

Just thought I drop on in to wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you have a great start for the start of the New Year too!

Pennytunes said...

OMG, LOVED the attitude drawing… HOW CUTE!!

I've got more time now (i think) so I'll be able to catch up with you again… Merry Christmas