Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Where'd They Go?

The tweezers... where'd the tweezers go? That's our latest quest, to find the tweezers for gramma. Gramma REALLY needs them, or at least one of them.

I use to have three tweezers. Don't ask me how I got that many because I don't know. They just showed up. I've been hanging on to these tweezers for several years now. I got so cocky as to give one of them away. Down to two tweezers....and poof! Just that quick I was down to none.

Thankfully, one of the boys discovered where they were hiding so all is back to normal. If they had not been located I would have ended up looking like Andy Rooney's eyebrows. Not that that's any worse.

My eyebrows are grateful, as are my chin hairs. For several years now I can say I could honestly quote the following and know it applied to me:

"...not by the hairs of my chinny, chin chin."

Chin...chin... chin... ya, that's about it.


Rudee said...

Mine always disappear, too. I have no idea where they go and then there they are again. Maybe I should look for them when my glasses are on my face.

Wanda said...

I had the nicest little pack.. one tweezer, one nail file and one tiny pair of scissors for nose hairs. All in a cute red pack. Several years I forgot, and they were in my makeup bag and the Airport took them.....I don't know how much trouble it is to try to get something back they take...but I didn't bother. I do have one pair now in the medicine cabnit.

The older I get...the more I need them!!!

Glad you found yours!

Sandy said...

I have never owned a pair of tweezers except once a long time ago. It hurts to tweeze my eyebrows, I really don't even know how to do anything like shape them. Maybe it's time I start, ha. Ahh those stray facial hairs..yup.

Rosy said...

Ah yes those strange chin chinny chin hairs that our mothers forgot to tell us what we get to look forward too when we grow up. ha ha ha.

I stop using tweezers for chin hairs cause they hurt to pluck...I take the easy way out..grab a razor instead...and my eyebrows I never plucked them before.

Pennytunes said...

I threaten ANYONE to even look at my tweesers... hehe

Hey I've started my blog up again. I don't know how faithful I will be to it, but for now its alive...

here is the link

Sue J said...

I'm with you on the chin hairs! The thing is, now I'm getting older I can't always see them unless the sun is glinting off them, but I can feel them. I'm sure they are ingrowing pubic hairs. They are tenacious little buggers too.