Sunday, November 01, 2009

While Waiting for Halloween Candy

I tried to doodle something while waiting for the kids to come home with their candy. Forced doodling doesn't come well.


And this is some wishful thinking after Mr. Contrary actually made it home:


Everyone was very tired and cranky from too little sleep the past two days. Mr. Contrary seemed to be begging for a spanking. At one point this cartoon is what I felt like doing. Only it seems to usually make things worse, so I was limited to some wishful thinking. Like cartoons where the coyote gets up after being hit on the head with an anvil, no one gets any worse for wear.
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Brenda said...

haha..loved the second sketch. More cartoon pictures please. I know you can come up with some entertaining stories to go with them.

cat's momma said...

I enjoyed your cartoon sketch too!

Rosy said...

Oh I just adore your second picture, great expressionist cartoon you sketch out. Would love to see more....pretty please?

Wanda said...

Oh Crusty....just love your cartooning.... I agree. More!

Your doodles are good too.

Sandy said...

I like these, I must have missed them before.