Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sickness in the Air

Big D is sick today. Fever, vomiting, quietness, all spell S I C K.

It started yesterday evening. Mr Contrary, Big D, got a time out for behaving like a brat, only this time 'mom' layed down with him. You know. To help him get through it. He fell asleep. Fell asleep? That's something to be noted, but it could have been simply tireness. However, when he woke up he looked weak. He felt hot. And he couldn't keep anything down.

"Here... here's a cool wash cloth to put on your forehead."


"It will help you feel better."


"See if you can chew this medicine. It will help you feel better.


"Just see if you can get a little down. Really. It will help you feel better."

"aw. moan. I don't.... " (hurl)

"Never mind."

This morning he's still warm, but not hot and he has been able to keep a sip of water down. If one were to look for the silver lining in this its how quiet he is. That doesn't happen every day.

I'm feeling a little queasy, but I think its just empathy. Yeah. That's it.
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cat's momma said...

Wow, they never want anything that will help them feel better! I hope he's feeling lots better today.

I love that kids get to go to pumpkin patches and on hay rides, etc...I don't remember getting to do that as a kid. It's a nice day out for them to do something so different and to see and pet the animals.

Rudee said...

Poor little guy. Be sure to tell him that Nurse Rudee says, "fluid is the solution to viral pollution." Drink up, fella. And feel better soon.

Brenda said...

I think most of us are going to catch one these many things going around in the air. Hope he is better soon, and the rest of you don't catch it. I like Rudee's saying.

Rosy said...

Sorry to hear your little one is sick, hope everyone will get feeling better soon and I also hope no one catches what I currently have.