Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mr Contrary

Mr. Contrary. Up is down and down is up. Mr. Contrary said so. Perhaps Darius will be good at debate... which has nothing to do with de plane!

D's class is going to the pumpkin patch today. Mom is going too. Our rainy season has started. The pumpkin patch should be a lot of fun... if you like mud.

D tried to get me to go too. I think it was just because I was gloating that I didn't have to go. "Mr. R said gramma's were suppose to come with us. Yes, he did say that!"

Their lunches are packed for two. (Darius was concerned that he wouldn't be able to eat all of it, until his mom pointed out that it contained her lunch, too. Then he was worried there wouldn't be enough.)

Its just Vyron and me today. All day. V is usually a snap to watch because he entertains himself. Just my luck. He didn't get enough sleep so he's a bit cranky and he's sporting a cough. If I can get him to sit (lay) quietly later on he might take a nap. Hey! I believe in miracles!!
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Sandy said...

Hope you get that miracle, cute pics. I remember the days of going on these types of field trips. Oh was it fun, ha! Lots of unruly kids running all over the place and then the snotty ones too.

cat's momma said...

Hannah was supposed to go to the local barn and pumpkin patch today, too, but it must have dropped close to six inches of rain, so they're not going. She's in preschool. I love preschool! guess why