Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Personality Quiz

Are you one who enjoys taking quizzes? Here's a place you can get your fill...click here.

I took a personality quiz once. The results came back with "Sorry, you have no personality." It made me wonder if its better to have no personality at all or to have a "bad" one. Its probably a toss up.

I took one of the tests on the above site. It used percentage points in the various categories so you would know your strengths and weaknesses. (Like at our age we wouldn't know. snort.) Mine came back 78% introvert. I threw it down and ran back into my cave! Stupid tests.

Our beautiful weather has gone and the rainy season has started... although we seem to have lucked out compared to other areas in the country.

I accomplished nothing over the last two days. And the earth didn't stop turning.


Rudee said...

Oh, nonsense. You need to get out of the cave once in awhile!

I have an INFJ personality type and according to what I've read, I share this personality with Mother Theresa. Now we all know that ain't true. According to this, I'm somewhat of an introvert (which is true), but I do enjoy the company of a select few humans. If we lived closer, I know one of them would be you.

I'm deeply appreciative of the way you always manage to make me laugh.

Have a great day!

Sandy said...

I no like people! I am a hermit.

Brenda said...

I have taken all of those tests before and I am introvert but I forget how much...some for sure. Two of the tests surprised me with the results. One was emotional intellegence. I thought I would score high on that, but didn't really. The IQ was higher than I expected. I think those tests are not all that accurate, but they say they are.
You having "no personality" is really off the mark! You are really creative and witty...and smart!

Sue J said...

I did a test designed by Dr Phil once and it was nothing at all like me (unless I'm delusionary - eyes flicking from side to side)
I think you change as you go through life anyway.