Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another Fun Day at the Crusty Homestead

I'm currently using a different keyboard. Kids. Need I say more?

But if I don't say more then I won't have anything to post.

We've been taking turns with the "crud" and its my turn now. Yesterday all I did was try to catnap my way through the day. I was fairly successful and that says a lot considering two boys in a small apartment. What it really says is "dude! You're sick!!"

Yesterday evening I stirred enough to get up to get some water. Darius came into the kitchen and calmly grabbed some paper towels. Not good. He had been playing games on the computer and spilt some water on the table.

"I can get it" he said firmly.

I don't know what possessed me, but I did not delve into it further. It was probably my survival instinct. What I didn't know wouldn't hurt me, right? I consciously chose to not look. My reputation for being an old screaming crazy lady needed a rest. Plus I didn't feel like looking. Where's that sand? I want to bury my head in it.

Later I saw the pc was available so I went to take a turn at it.

A large water stain covered the mouse pad. hmmmmmmm. That's not good. Water on or in the mouse? Then I put my hand out to touch the black table. Wet. The further back on the table my hand went, the wetter it got.

ohmygawd!! How much water was spilt, anyway?!

I then grabbed the keyboard and turned it upside down. Water dripped out of it for several minutes.

The boy still lives, so I guess I handled it okay, but ohmygawd!!

I didn't shit a cow because I have several extra keyboards, but still. ohmygawd!!


Brenda said...

Oh no....the crud and water on the keyboard all in one day....not good! I have heard that liguid near computers can be lethal. But...we all do it. Hope you feel better soon!

Rudee said...

You have the patience of a saint. I hope you're feeling better, soon.

Anonymous said...

NO!!!!! you know how I feel about this..this makes me absolutely have to learn to respect what is not theirs to distroy...if we don't, why should they care.

Rosy said...

It is a very good thing you didn't get zapped! I am on my last keyboard and I hope that don't get drowned in the very near future.

Hope you get to feeling better.

Sue J said...

Maybe you should insist on a 'No food or drink at the computer' rule. In our house small children have to sit at the table to eat and drink. I have hard floors and there's nothing worse than walking through spilt, dried cordial and your shoes going tick, tick, tick with every step you take.
Hope you are soon well again. Take care.