Friday, October 16, 2009

Safety Lessons

'Mom' has started teaching Darius some stay-safe lessons. He is learning his address, phone number, names of relatives, and about 911.

The little darling has been practicing. He takes his education seriously. He's been calling 911 and hanging up.


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Rosy said...

"Oh no not so good at all...before you know it, here comes the police"

cat's momma said...

I was also going to say that you could have a visit by the police! 00

Rudee said...

Practice makes perfect, but I don't think they smile upon that. He is a handful, isn't he? Aw-who cares? He's got the most charming smile.

Wanda said...

Hi Crusty ~~ Finally getting back to reading some posts. I know it's serious, but I was laughing...His little innocent some grandsons I have!

When I was in Junior Hi, we use to get in trouble for calling people and asking if their refrigerator was running, and when they said yes, we'd tell them you better catch it....then hang up...

Enjoyed all your have such a fun way with words, making the worst situations funny.

Love ya

Patricia said...

how else would you practice calling 911? haha
I remember sitting crosslegged on the gym floor in kindergarten in Detrot, MI. A fully uniformed police officer..(I loved his cap, badge and gun) taught us a song.
Remember your name and address
Your telephone number too.
And if someday you lose your way,
You'll know just what to do.
Walk up to a kind police man
The very first one you see
And simply say, I've lost my way
And won't you please help me.
(Yep, I can still sing the song after seventy one years.

The Crusty Crone said...

wow Patricia, I'm impressed! You still remember the song. wow.