Friday, October 09, 2009

Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries

You can enjoy the fruit, but you always end up with a bunch of pits.

The Throne Has Been Cleared
We've been plunging the toilet for a week now. It wasn't completely clogged, but would drain slowly. Some flushes were a little slower than others. We suspect a foreign object found its way into the drain, but no one here knows anything about it. Either that or someone shits bricks. Its a long shot, but my bet goes on a toy of some kind. Damn toys.

We had come to accept our fates, mostly because the toilet still emptied... eventually. But miracles of miracles, yesterday we all heard a "normal" flush. I spent the next three hours jumping up to go to the bathroom just so I could flush the toilet. I wanted to make sure it was still working properly. It is.

School Days
Sigh. No school today. Its either a teachers' planning day or else its due to budget cuts. State employees have to take 20 unpaid furlough days and this is the start of it. And Monday is a holiday. Oh be still my heart. We will have plenty of time to enjoy the children with a four day weekend. What fun. Currently the room I'm in ('mom' & the boys' bedroom where the pc is) is totalled. I can see a patch of floor in the corner and my feet are touching the floor, but everything else is covered in blankets and clothing. The boys like to toss off the blankets and jump on the bare mattress. But its not my room any more so its not my problem. I only hope I'm outside when 'mom' comes in here. Payback. Ya gotta luv it!

Going anywhere?
I'm hoping the little family goes to visit friends today, but gas is a little low. Doesn't keep me from hoping. And as I key this I hear Darius tell his mom he wants to go to her friend's house. Fingers are crossed.

I thought I had more subjects, but I don't. Over and out. (we've been playing with walkie talkies.)
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Rudee said...

Sounds like your clog was biological in nature...

Sandy said...

wow, glad your clog removed itself whatever in the heck it was.
Oh of school. how fun..NOT..

Rosy said...

I was wondering something...did you ever find out who the father was for them pet rock babies? ha ha ha

Glad to hear that your toilet was able to flush smoothly...good thing it weren't worse though.