Friday, June 26, 2009

Relief and Shock

Relief.... I felt relief that Farrah Fawcett would no longer be suffering. Her valient struggle is over, not only for herself but for those who love her. She was no quitter, that's for sure. And the more early interviews that I see of her, the more impressed I become. I remember seeing the tv movie The Burning Bed and was completely blown away by her acting. She WAS a battered woman in that movie. It was amazing. I know the hole she leaves in the hearts of many will be hard to fill... if they are able to fill it at all. May they feel relief as well. Bittersweet.

And then the shock. Michael Jackson gone at age 50. Stunned. A blur of surreal images. No matter what went on in his private life, I don't think anyone can take away his tremendous talent for performing. He was such a darling little boy. Where did that little boy go? Lost in the sickness that is fame. Worldwide fame.

I always first remember Michael in his early years. Its sad to think of where he started and where he ended up. A freak. Its just sad that he became a poster-boy to warn others about fame and fortune. Sad, sad, sad. That's what makes me tear up the most. Fame and fortune on steroids.

Yet....what a magnificent talent.
Too bad he didn't have an anchor to ground himself.

I suspect the toxicology tests will show a lot. And as time passes and more and more information is shared, I suspect it will be even more freakish. Lisa Marie as much as said so. She was glad they were celebrating Michael now... before more information is shared.

Perhaps both of their passings are a relief. In the long run.
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Brenda said...

You said all of that very well CC. The price some have to pay for fame is sad. I never felt like Micheal ever had a normal life....ever. I too remember him as a small boy.
Farrah I didn't really know much about. She seemed like a well grounded person though from what little I knew about her. I did see The Burning Bed movie and she was excellent in it.

Wanda said...

Well, I typed a whole page, and just lost it....
I won't make it so long this time. I just wanted to say ditto to all you wrote. I feel the exact way with F.F and Michael.
What talents....!!
I love the picture you posted of M. as a little boy...darling. He was a pro from his early beginnings.

Oh the burning bed.....what a thiller, chiller movie. She did a fantastic job.

BTW ~~ I transferred your sketch of the lady and dog to my watercolor paper and hopefully will start on it tomorrow.

Well, I ended up rambling on again...sorry!


Rudee said...

The documentary on Farrah's struggle was moving. I'm relieved for her, too.

Ahh, Michael. I always loved his music and never thought much of the scandals. He WAS Peter Pan and a tortured soul.

Wanda said...

Hi CC ~~ I added some color to your sketch yesterday and will post on Monday.....

You pencil sketch is by far the better, but it was fun adding some color.


The Crusty Crone said...

Its always good to know others feel the same way I do.

Wanda, I saw your painting this morning and its great!!

Do we need an art challenge? Anyone up to posting one? (Of course I've put this note up after most have commented and left. Lets call it a test to see if anyone will respond. shhhh. Its just between me and you, k?)