Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Soaking

Sketch using a magazine ad. I chuckled when I looked at the drawing just now. That creek looks to be pretty deep. I'd be wondering what's in the water before I stuck my toes in there.
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Rudee said...

You know, for years after watching Jaws, I couldn't go in any body of water. It took a long time to convince me that sharks don't go in fresh water. Recently, I watched a National Geographic show and learned that bull sharks can get into fresh water and have adapted. Here we go again with my fears.

Brenda said...

Darn...all I saw was some folks having some fun and enjoying their day. The one standing does seem to be on to something though. Who knows what could be in the waters. Hopefully just a pretty little fishy.

Wanda said...

I like the sketch... My girlfriend Kris and I used to look for frogs in a creek like that at her dad's ranch.

Brought back some fun memories.

BTW ~ You are very observant... and you are right. The little bird tea holder is to hold the lid on when you pour tea, and to catch any drips from spout. I have serveral but this little bird one is a gift from the last tea party.

I really have two sides. I love my fancy little tea cups, but most of the time I'm got a mug of coffee in my hand. Not as cute to post about. (ha ha)

Love ya

The Crusty Crone said...

thx for info, Wanda.

I can see you both ways... with a dainty tea cup and with a 'honkin' mug. (pssst... I also see a touch of the bohemian, too.)

Sandy said...

Oh I missed this one before.. neat.