Sunday, June 14, 2009

Clothing Optional

I was at my friend's place yesterday when she looked out the window and asked in wonderment "are those bicylists naked?" I couldn't answer her question because I was faced away from the window, so being a good friend I jumped up to see.

"Yup.................. They're naked alright."

I would guessimate there were between 10 to 15 bicylcist. I could only see them from behind. When we saw them they were riding down the street between a church and a grade school/park. They could be exposing themselves to charges of indecent exposure.

I don't know what point they were focusing on, but I've seen this type of behavior in previous years on the news. I can't remember why they were doing it, though.

UPDATE: Apparently riding naked is an event that occurs all over the world, according to my local news station. The reasons or purpose of it varies from place to place and year to year.

I didn't have my camera with me, but by the time I would have got it ready to snap a picture, the 'bikers' would have been gone. I'm thinking a cellphone camera would have been handy.

Perhaps the bicylcists were just helping to keep Portland weird. I'd say it showed their commitment, if that's the case. I sure hope they disinfect their bike seats afterwards.


cat's momma said...

I can't imagine riding a bicycle naked! Hmmm...that is very weird!!

Rudee said...

I didn't even think about the seats until you mentioned it. yuck.

Sandy said...

hahaha, I read about that the other day, that this would be happening.. tood bad you didn't have a camera.

Faye Pekas said...

This is so funny because I'm in Portland for a conference and a friend who lives here picked me up last night and we went out to dinner. During dinner she told me I had missed the naked bikers a few days before.

She drove around town to show me some of the sites and pointed out a pole on the street. (I have no idea what street we were on)

The pole had dozens of kiddy bikes spindled over it. She told me these were the bikes the naked bikers use. KIDDY BIKES!! Now, not only did I miss the naked bikers, I missed the naked bikers riding on kiddy bikes!

I kicked myself for not bringing my camera. We're going out to dinner again tonight and this time I WILL bring my camera. I'll have her drive by the bikes again tonight. Hopefully I can get a good shot.

She said they do this every year. The city even supports it. So keep checking for the date and maybe you can be ready with your camera next year.

Oh, and I'm glad you found me again :)

Brenda said...

Ouch! Wouldn't that be painful???? I wonder what the reason would be for people wanting to do this. Maybe you said already and I missed it. I am going back to reread....short attention span. Either that or my mind is still trying to picture this...

Wanda said...

Ha Ha *** That's too funny ~ things always remind me of a story.

When we lived in Santa Barbara, our son was about 11 years old, and we were driving down by the beach and we saw a topless bike rider (from the back) long blong hair.... no top (my son said hurry up mom....I didn't hurry, but when we passed and got a look at (her) face... HE had a full blond beard!!!
A very dissapointing day for my son....

Great story...