Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

 Well, its here. The start of the holiday season, the first holiday. Thanksgiving Day. If I could just get into football....

I hope everyone has a very pleasant day without too much stress. After all, if it doesn't work out this time, you can try it again next year. And the year after that. So don't worry, be happy. And don't throw that at me! I mean it!!

The family unit has shrunk a lot with family moving out of state. We have reduced our members from around 30 (if in-laws show up) to 10. It makes it easier to sit down at the table, but it is also a lot quieter. At least I think it will be quieter. We'll see.

We are getting together at daughter #2 home around 2pm. Perhaps I'll be back home by 6pm clutching a plate of leftovers.(Is it leftovers or left overs?) The downside is that the movie, a holiday tradition, Miracle on 34th Street comes on tv at 2pm. Sigh. Maybe its on the internet somewhere and I can watch it later. I've already watched Its a Wonderful Life. I think I've seen that movie close to 30 times. I can remember in grade school that they would show this movie at lunch time in 15 minute increments during the course of a week. It wasn't very interesting since you could only see a small portion at a time.
Actually, I don't really watch it. Its just on in the background... but its my tradition.

I've finally reached the age where I don't have to bring anything for dinner, too. YaHoo. I've been waiting for it.

Once again, I hope ya'll have a nice Thanksgiving.
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Sandy said...

Hope you get lots of leftovers....

have a great day.

Brenda said...

Sounds great to me CC. Not having to bring a dish and just have arrived. I am still waiting for that day. Our family has up sized so much, we have had to downsize because they can't all fit into anyone's home. This year is very simple and small. Very nice. Have a great day!

Rudee said...

Our dinner will be quiet too but that's OK. Interestingly, I didn't cook less food. Oh well, there'll be lots of leftovers. Happy Thanksgiving to you CC. By the way, one of my favorite movies to watch this time of year is Pocket Full of Miracles with Bette Davis. And Christmas Vacation. And Home Alone. And..... I can't pick just one.

cat's momma said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, and lucky you not have to bring anything! E always has to work a four-hour shift on all holidays, so I'm still cooking the holiday dinners. We won't eat until 7:30 tonight after she gets off. I don't watch movies or football, but I like to play poker or Aggravation or some game in the evening if we're all not too stuffed.

BJ said...

CC - Happy Thanksgiving to you! I can't wait to reach "the age" where I don't have to cook.....and just bring myself and take leftovers home! Will that happen soon?????

Wanda said...

Happy Thanksgiving CC.
I know I'm at "the age" but they won't let me just sit and enjoy...but actually I love making the pies, eating the pies, and bringing home left overs!!


The Crusty Crone said...

ohmygosh... Pocket Full of Miracles, I had forgotten that movie. Yes, what a great holiday movie that is!

BJ, Brenda... perhaps you might want to start planting the seeds of awareness. If you have adult daughters/d-in-laws, you can casually mention that you are looking forward to not needing to do anything. (but if the dinner is at your place, forget it. It won't happen. Like Cat's Momma.)

And Wanda, I don't see you doing that either... sitting back and not cooking something. Not when your nickname is The Cookie Lady.