Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween PJs

The Halloween costumes are now pajamas.


Darius was a transformer and Vyron was some kind of superhero with lots of muscles.

I'll need to work on my CED for today after the boys leave. I'm just not sure of when that will happen. I figured calling 'mom' at 4am was too early, but 9am is looking better. However, I know she is getting a last chance to sleep in herself. She's a night person anyway. (Don't talk to her before 2pm.) I'll try to hold out until then.
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Sandy said...

I had my two grandsons here too this weekend, ....aren't we good grammas..ha.

cute cute cute....good idea about the jammies. They have such beautiful eyes.

Rudee said...

They look really cute. I take it they had fun!

cat's momma said...

Wow, cute, cute, cute! And they'll make fun pj's!!

BJ said...

They are two handsome little guys! What a great idea for pj's.