Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What's Warm and Wet?

 No... its not that! What is warm and wet is our weather. It was 60 degrees this morning at 7am and its been raining for the last four days or so. Its raining so much today it feels like we could pick it up like a cloak and wear it. We would be fully covered.

I wanted to pass along some info that I got in my email. This holiday season you may want to rethink giving gift certificates. Don't Do It! Businesses are closing right and left. If they are not closing altogether, they are closing down outlets so who knows if there will be any in the area. Its sad. So many people out of work, out of their foreclosed homes, and out of time.

The auto makers are looking for 'bailout' money. I think one of them already got some but its gone now. They had to use it to simply continue with day to day activity. That is not a good sign. Now they need more. If we do not have enough people working and if we can not get credit unless we are rated A+++++ we are not going to be buying cars. If people aren't buying cars then how will another lump sum of money keep them afloat?

I heard American Express has become a bank. They wanted some bailout money, too. It doesn't seem right to me.

I wish we didn't have to wait until January for a leader.
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Brenda said...

Glad you reminded me about gift certificates. I heard Circuit City may have to file chapter 13, and then may not be able to honor any warranties on products purchased. I am not real big on over spending for gifts (I'm cheap) ha, so at least no one I know will be disappointed in me. This upcoming year will be interesting to say the least. I have been poor before, so I think I can handle it....we'll see. Too many hard working people out of work, is really sad. Hopefully, it will humble some of us to be more helpful towards all folks in need.

cat's momma said...

I had also read or heard about the not so wise practice of giving gift certificates because of closing businesses. The economic situation is becoming a viscious circle of problems and it is getting to seem like it will be impossible to fix it.

I watched the weather channel for a few minutes last night and became aware of how much rain is falling in the Pacific Northwest! Wow. And we're heading for another Santa Ana wind condition where the heat at the coast will be worse than inland. I'm getting so tired of the wind and heat!

Rudee said...

Thanks for the tip. I usually buy gifts or give green ones. This year, though I have plenty of yarn, nobody is getting handknits for Christmas. Too much stress.

On another note CC, do you have an Ott light? Curious if you find it beneficial with gloomy weather. I do. Especially since it is pitch black at night by 6pm. It also gives me true color when knitting. I likes it. Michael's sells them. Wait for a coupon and snag one.