Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Fork in the Road

We stand in that one day from which history will take the next step. Will it be to the left of the fork or to the right? Many people are holding their breath. At the end of the day half of our citizens will be celebrating and the other half will be muttering "... to hell in a handbasket."

I will be glad when I can exhale.

(Exhaling!! Whew!! Big Grin.)


Sandy said...

Me too...glad to exhale...and glad to have this finally known, which direction our country will be heading.

Sue J said...

The election was covered in full on our TVs too. I don't remember this happening before. Do you not have many places to cast your votes? The number of people queuing was phenomenal. I'm so glad for you that people made the effort. Apparently the biggest turn-out ever. I do find it strange that you vote during the week rather than the weekend. Does everyone have to take a day off work? Ours are always conducted at the weekend and every school is used as a polling booth. We don't have machines, it's all done on paper, but then our population is only small compared to USA.

The Crusty Crone said...

Hi Sue,
Not all polling places had long lines. I think it depends upon where and when one looks. In my state we have mail-in voting. We get our ballots about a week ahead and we can mail them in. Many of our lines are because people moved and didn't get their ballots or there was some other problem. Also, we will always have the last minute voters.

I hadn't thought about weekend verses weekday voting. mmmmm.

I'm on the West coast and our votes rarely count in a presidental election. The winner is usually announced before our polling places close. This year the networks waited until 8pm (our time zone) to proclaim the winner, although they knew who it was be before then. (Hawaii is in a different time zone, too... that kind of sucks.)