Sunday, February 24, 2008

What I would like.....

With a very dull knife, I would like to rip out the hearts of those who put their stinking comments here in an effort to make money off of other people. GO GET A FRIGGING JOB YOU STINKING MORON. JUST GET YOUR LAZY ASS OUT OF THE CHAIR AND AWAY FROM THE PC AND GET A J O B!!!!!!!!! #($ &)#($^($#^*(^$#()^#$ If I'm ever able to track any of you down, your life will be hell. BWAH HA HA HA


Sandy said...

HAHAHAHAH. And why all of a sudden is it getting so bad. I keep holding off putting the word verification thing on, because I don't like to have to do that when I comment some where.


go get em Crusty.


cat's momma said...

OMG, you sound like me only about other frustrating things. I had to laugh and that helped my frustration at these JERKS!!

The Crusty Crone said...

Sandy, I don't think the word verification will work. I believe these are real people leaving the comments (not automated programs). Its how the greed businesses got around the spam edits.

I know one thing. Whenever I notice what companies are paying people to leave comments and links I keep it in mind... because I will never do any business with them and I will urge others not to do it either. In my opinion, this is an unethical practice. Just like telemarketing calls. They are planting their big stinky asses in my home without being invited.

Sandy said...

Thanks CC. I was wondering about that and yeah!!! I agree with all that you said here..

tell dae dae hello from cay cay