Friday, February 15, 2008

Nuthin' Much

Nuttin' much going on around here. Another day with The Group gone and I don't expect them tonight, either. It would be a great time to do some move-the-furniture-away-from-the-wall cleaning, but I'm sca-red. I'm sca-red the cleanliness would bring The Group back home. That's how it seems to work. Do some really deep cleaning and here come the boys. Gone in a flash.

This pc doesn't have any photo software on it. Good thing I am a procrastinator because I still have the Coral disk and can load it on here. I still need to download Picasa, too. Pictures bring a lot to a blog. To pull off text only, you really have to be a pretty good writer.... so that's what I'll be doing this evening.

What I have learned during this techno-challenging time was that I can't blame not getting things done on the pc. True, it uses a lot of my time, but I don't get things done without a pc, too. Go figure. Its like when the last of the children move out of the house and you discover the mess wasn't completely caused by them. (silly grin, he he he he)


Travelling Goddess said...

Hey Crusty, I have an old Photoshop Elements 2 that I could send ya....if I can find it, but it is not here in Willy, you will have to wait until I get up there, and then I can send it to ya if ya want it.

Hugs, Edee

Anonymous said...

C....I'm glad too, you procrastinated so get busy and learn that will love it!

I hear you about blaming PC for nt gettng things done... it's not the PC..I have found that out.


Wanda said...

Every time I pack another box and pull things out of cupboards, I realize I'm not the great housekeeper I thought I was!!

Oh well, I'll keep the illusion going if I can.

BJ said...

CC - glad to see you posting again.

Don't worry about moving things around or pulling things out to can wait. I should know....I put things off a lot.