Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I watched Vyron the other day and in the afternoon I gave him a treat in a bowl. While he sat on the couch with it I was busy at the sink. (Vyron is a talker. I don't understand 98% of what he's saying, he still just gabbers away.) I suddenly became aware of silence.... there was no talking. I looked over to the couch and there Vyron was knocked out. Empty bowl on stomach. He must have just fell over. He made me think of an alcoholic who had finally sipped his last drink and passed out.
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Sandy said...

This is such a cute photo!!

awwww...love it.


cat's momma said...

I know how he feels...I just can't get the nap after I eat dinner. But I eat way too much at dinner time.

Anonymous said...

Bet you are glad you didn't give him spaghetti... (grin)

Miss P

BJ said...

Oh....how adorable!