Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Its Another Wednesday

We're still getting a little sun now and then. The insects are going to be plentiful this summer.

I've been trying to find a watercolor pad that I know I have somewhere. Its one I've had for a while but was not crazy about the quality of the paper... so I didn't use it. I'm out of my other paper and I need it. Its tucked away somewhere, I just may have to remove EVERYTHING from the closet in my search. The 'taking out' may not be so bad, but the putting everything back is a chore. (I've already looked at everything so I don't want to look at it again.)

Or could it be slipped under the bed so it could lay flat? hmmmmmmmm.

My ideal studio would have R O O M.... room to spare. (Just not too much room. There is such a thing as too much.) If I'm speaking of ideal then I should speak of a room(s) that expands and contracts as needed. In any event, there would be tables enough to hold scads of stuff with yet another clear table for focusing. The work table would be on rollers. My paper and canvas would be out of the way but within easy reach. There would be several styles of chairs and stools upon which to sit. Most would have rollers on them for easy and efficient scooting about. The daydream could go on for a while, huh.

Did I mention there would be a studio fairy, too? She would be a studio tidy-er and have the magical gift for knowing when to leave something where it lays and when to put it away. Hey, its my fantasy.

I don't know why I'm going on like this. Perhaps its to get an entry posted so that is done. I'm currently stewing about the letter M.


Sandy said...

sounds ideal to me! In some ways I have too much room (and I fill it all up) and other ways, not enough in certain areas. I still have to do my "O" project.

cat's momma said...

I was going to say, "did you look under the bed?" because that's where most of my art supplies are. I have the tiniest room ever and no place to store things. I'm contemplating moving most of this stuff upstairs to the guest room, but then I'd have to store it some place as it is also an office for Ken with a computer and desk and Sandy's room when she comes to visit...and Ken's mother's room if we let her come stay a while. Did you notice the "if" in that last sentence? haha

Anonymous said...

hahahah..I noticed. But heck, you can use my room unless I'm there...