Thursday, February 14, 2008

Best of Show

If you watch any talk shows at all, you have probably seen the Best of Show beagle.

Ohmygosh! I have never seen a more perfect specimen of a beagle... or any dog. And I'm not particularily a dog person, but this dog has charisma or something. He's perfect in all ways. I hope you all got a chance to see him moving. He's adorable!!

I'm slowly rebuilding my bookmarks, thanks to google and links on blogs. If you think I should have a particular link, please email it to me. I don't want to miss anything.

Daily life.... 'Mom' and the boys (I now refer to them as The Group) spend most of their time away from the apartment. (They have my car, but I have my space.) I might say its because I kind of lost it last month. Blew my cool, so to speak. But in reality its because 'mom' is kindling a relationship with a long time friend and is spending most of her time at his place.

Call me desparate, but about the only way The Group is going to be able to get their own place is if 'mom' has a room mate... and this person already has their own place. He also has a "job". (be still my heart) And... and.... he has his own car!! He's a frigging prince, fer gawd sake!! And this is based on comparison with a couple of guys 'mom' hooked up with over the past few years. Too good to be true? Could be, but only time will tell. In any event, I have long periods of quiet and space. Its very nice.

Two different tenants had their car side windows busted out and things taken from the cars. Each was about a month apart. The cars are parked in front of the apts and just a few feet away from a through-street but folks are desparate and there really isn't much consequence if they get caught. It made me kind of glad that 'mom' had my car somewhere else.

I haven't done squat with regards to any art work while I've been off line. I just don't feel it... don't know why.

I think I've run out of things to yak about now. I'm glad to be back. Lord it was boring without being able to surf the web.


Anonymous said...

I saw the beagle he really is a great looking dog...

Glad you are back... It was boring here on the net with out you...

Glad prince charming showed up to rescue YOU... (grin)...

Miss P

Anonymous said...

Hey C, glad to read you and hope the new relationship holds lots and lots of promise.

here is a link for you. J talks about the dog and his own.

Wanda said...

He is the most beautiful dog. In fact I posted all the pets we've had in the past 27 yrs on my post today. Out of all the dogs we've owned we never had a Beagle!!

Thanks for sharing!!

LOL :)

Travelling Goddess said...

Did not see the dog...and I have nothing to really add here except that it is damn good to be reading you again!!

BJ said...

Yay! So glad to have you back CC. Missed you.

Hope things work out for the "group". Keeping my fingers crossed for you.