Sunday, December 23, 2007

Three Cookies Left

Busy day yesterday, at least for this place. The three girls came over and the cookies were baked. Then everyone (except me) went to a high school basketball game. After the game, 'mom' took the girls home and went to visit one of her friends in the area. So... after the baking I had the place to myself. I caught up with my naps.
You know, because I could.

We started the day off with a pizza.

The kitchen was a bit crowded at times. The 14 yr old kept up with friends by texting. I heard her tell 'mom' that she could text without having to look at the screen.

The boys were demonstrating their belching skills. The wee one is the best at it.

There was Christmas music playing all the while..... LOUDLY.

Darius discovered his love for ipods. And he has his favorite music, too.

Cookies were packed away in an empty tin I had around. These would go with the girls back to their place after the game. Everyone had plenty to eat during the baking of them and we still have three left this morning. They are crunchy cookies. Dried cookies. Good for dunking, that's fer sure.


Anonymous said...

Thank you I enjoyed baking cookies with you... (smile)


Anonymous said...

That was great seeing the kids! Loved reading about the burping, haha...

all good.


cat's momma said...

I loved reading about your day too!

Leanne said...

It sounds like a cozy family day that everyone enjoyed! :)

Merry Christmas!