Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Just A Few Pictures from Christmas

Just a few pictures from Christmas Eve. Each of the kids got three presents. The adults pulled White Elephant gifts again. I got one that is a perfect example of what constitutes a White Elephant gift... I'll take a picture of it later today and post it. A person from my son's company came, too. The receptionist. She brought her two daughters, a friend of theirs, and her mother. A "Southern Grandmother" according to my son... and he wants his kids to have a 'Southern Gramma' in their lives. (00) Okay. Now if you can just twist it a little..... Fortunately for me, I understand the comment and I have no qualms about it. But maybe he shouldn't have said it out loud while I'm sitting next to him. You know, just to be polite.


Sandy said...

Well what does that mean..Southern Grandmother...I'm assuming, the down home mother earth type or something..

enjoyed seeing your pics of Christmas Eve. Looks like lots of good food there.


Anonymous said...

Hummm... I would have had to have said something tacky back... Of course a true Southern Granny, (cough cough) like me, can do that sort of thing really well... hehehe...

"Yes I know what you mean, I myself wish I had a (nice)southern son
BLESS Your little HEART!..."

The Crusty Crone said...

hahaha 'southern son' hahaha Hadn't thought of that.

A southern grandma is one of those big-hugs, and wide-smiles women who would never belive their grandkids could do anything wrong. The grandma who always hugs and praises and slips you $20 under the table. Its someone warm and approachable. And, without any sappy song-and-dance, that ain't me. Its just not me.

I understand what was meant and I don't have a problem with it. Its just that later I was sitting and mentally reviewing the evening when it dawned on me "I'm being actively replaced". hmmmmmm. Interesting. "Well, how do you feel about it?" hmmmm "I don't blame him. I'd like one of those in my life, too!"