Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cranky Day

Now don't go and be jealous. Sometimes you have to wait your turn in order to wake up to a cranky day. Lordy.... everyone except me is REALLY CRANKY this morning. "How cranky are they?" They are so cranky I willingly told 'mom' to get out. Of course, I didn't word it that way, but that's what I meant.

"Why don't you get dressed and go take a break? Here's some money for gas."

"Now, when you say break... what does that mean exactly?"

"It means go away for a few hours and come back in a much better mood. It does not mean you have to be back in a few minutes.... nor does it mean you can be gone forever. It means 'Get the hell outta here and don't come back until you are in a better mood.'

Of course the quote only got one ' to it because its not the exact words. I was more diplomatic. And I'm here to tell you that within 30 minutes 'mom' was up, dressed, and outta here. Thank goodness, too. I was about to reach out and bop her one and that would have been very hard on our relationship.

Now, the question is ..... can I survive two small boys who are in a cranky mood? Its gonna be a toss-up.

On another note... I still can't get into my hotmail account. I wonder if I've gotten a virus or something. Sigh.


Sandy said...

I dread the cranky days with the kids. We've had a lot here and there because of "teething" issues and such. And when they are in a good mood..it's great.

Kenzie was so happy all day long yesterday and her face just lights up when she is happy...

I hope you get a nice long intermission. That's all they probably need is to get out and away for a little bit.

Well..I hope you get your hotmail figured out, or just start a new account elsewhere...I know it's not that easy when you have all your folders and such in an email account. So hmmm..you're alone...I expect lots of new art...

or not...

Wanda said...

I love the way you communicate! For the love of me, I thought I was standing in your kitchen with a cup of coffee just watching this whole episode!!
Sure hope you get a nice long break and the boys will take a nice long nap...am I dreaming!!
Yes, I agree with Sandy...do some more of your great art work!!