Monday, December 10, 2007

A2Z Project - Letter E

E is for Eager Emily. Emily is a made up name to fit with the letter E. One does what one must.


Everything around here seems to be breaking. Is it the munchkins? I don't know, but it makes me wonder some times. Currently the garbage disposal isn't working. The motor hums, but nothing moves... including the water in the sink. It drains very very slowly. Also, the inside of the dish washer falls out. 'Mom' says they all do that. Well, its never done it with me before, but I only used it about three times until 'mom' and the munchkins arrived.

My knee is acting up, too. It does this every so often. I don't know what the deal is, but I'm limping around with a counter full of dirty dishes and a sink full of dirty water. Fortunately, I'm taking it all in stride, especially because I just need to report it and a magic elf will appear and fix it all for me. Any way, that's my plan. (and did you notice the tiny little pun... bummed knee, taking it in stride? One does what one must.

My email isn't working either. I'm hoping its a hotmail problem. The other thing that is not working is blogger's photo upload process. When I get to the place to upload something the entire session closes up and disappears. Gremblins in my pc?
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Anonymous said...

Ohh Ohh Ohh... I can help with the garbage disposal... There is a reset button SOMEWHERE on the thing under the sink... Look for it and punch it and it should work again... While its off, try to clean it out by hand too... That should work...

I love your sketch it looks like an old ad... I love those...

Sandy said...

Well Emily is a doll, I like it a lot. Glad you could finally post a pic. Now..we need pics of the kids.

and for everything Mercury in retrograde or something.

Hope you find solutions to all that and hope that knee gets better.

Wanda said...

Your "E" Emily is darling.

Sorry about your Gar.Dispos. you knee, and everything else that is broken.

Hopefully soon all will be back to normal...what ever that is? :)

BJ said...

CC - well....I just love the picture of Emily! She is a real cutie!

Sounds like you have a few things going on at your place. Anony is correct...there is a reset button under the sink. But, since its could possibly be shot. I hope all of this works out for you soon.

Take care of that is really heck getting older. Every day it's a new ache or pain. What's with the "golden age" thing?

Sandy's right.....would love to see more pics of the babies!

cat's momma said...

You Emily is really cute! I'm glad you're still managing to work on the art projects every week!