Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Bake Off

We're having a Christmas baking session today. It sounds much more seasonal than it really is... to be more factual, some grand daughters are coming over in an hour or so to bake some cookies. Chocolate chip. Some with nuts, some without. We'll also be getting some you-bake-pizza for lunch. Thats about all I can muster for Christmas cheer... and it wouldn't be happening unless pressured into it. (and there was a little innocent pressure applied, but its all good.) I'm just grateful C is here to do the actual "doing of it". It will make it more fun for the girls. In any event, we will be having a full house for a few hours.

It is my number two daughter's three girls that are coming over, 14,11, and 9 yrs old. Thank goodness my daughter C is here (aka 'mom') to work it for me. I consider her my representative. I am so not a "gramma" in the storybook sense of the word. I would be prone to buying a couple of dozen cookies from a bakery and saying "All Done Now!! Wasn't that fun?!" And at those ages, you can't fool them into thinking just sitting on a couch with an old lady saying "ohmygawd, you're growing too fast!" is fun. That doesn't even work on 'mom's' 4 and 2 yr olds.

The group might end up going to a high school basketball game later this afternoon. I'm hoping the game is free. If its free to get in, then 'mom' will take the boys to the game as well. (insert a group hug here.)

Now 'mom' and I are trying to get the place a little more organized with some manuevering room. "Stuff it in the closet for now!"


Anonymous said...

Hey have a fun day and take pics...if you get a chance.

I need to start baking soon. M is taking Hunt off for awhile while Cayden is napping so I can get in the kitchen and begin to do the baking thing...arrgg..

I'll take pics...if it's picture worthy.

hope they all get to go to the game....yeah!!!

Wanda said...

Well I'm all baked out! Between visits to my Aunt Cassie, I got my cookies made. This year I did the peanut butter ones with the kiss on top beside my old stand by Choc. Chip. CC I have to put nuts in some and some without too.
Hope your Christmas is very Merry. Love and Hugs, dear friend!