Friday, December 29, 2006


 'Thar is some red cumin out, lit'l pardner!'

Okay... its a bit on the pinkish side, but I'm sure the bloom will be a brilliant red. The box said so and if you can't believe the printed word, then who can you believe? Snort.

Good Friday morning. Its cold but its NOT RAINING! How grand is that?

'Mom' and the boys stopped over yesterday. Darius, the three yr old, came dragging in saying he was tired. Not surprising since 'mom' stays gone and they often don't get naps. The two boys also have colds. D. laid down on the couch, but didn't stay there long.

Being a grandmother, I quickly fixed something for them to eat. ('Mom' had to fix herself something. I'm not her grandmother.)

Vyron, the one yr old, is Mr. Giggles. He found an empty CD case and was having a ball opening it up and forcing it all the way back. That little click sound made him really giggle. Amuses easily, I guess. Eventually, it broke. The two boys then had some fun breaking the plastic up a little more. They're guys. What else would be fun like breaking something.

By the time they left, Darius' had a fever. I laid down for an early evening nap in Darius' name. Unlike him, I stayed there and dozed for a few minutes.
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Leanne said...

This dang cold is horrible. My girls both have it, and I've been nursing them since Christmas. I hope he's feeling better - and that you don't catch it!

I Am said...

Mine only bloom two times then it never did again, but it wont die and I've had it for three years now... Soo, I wonder why they only bloom once, then nada??? Oh well...

dd said...

oh can't wait to see "das bloom."....