Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Suddenly It Hit Me

I'm sitting up here watching a dude in ear rings. Two of them. Sparkly little ear rings. A dude. A straight dude. Jamie Fox on Jay Leno's show. Well, he's straight as far as I know.


His hands were also covered in rings and I bet there was a necklace or two under his jacket. Fully outfitted in jewelery.

It took me a minute to let it sink in.... then another minute. I wasn't quite sure what I thought about it. It was just, well, just interesting to note it I guess. After all, there was a time when guys wore tights and high heels. At least according to the history books and we all know how accurate they are.

Anyway, it kind of blew me away for a minute.

"Honey, what do you want for Christmas this year?"

"Aw baby... you can get me some ear rings."



cat's momma said...

Hahaha...just enjoyed reading your thoughts this morning.

I Am said...

Its not just you, maybe its our age, or I don't know... I really dislike seeing tooooo many pricings on anyone... Lip, ear, nose, eye brow... Tongue, really do they think that is attractive?

One in a mans ear if its small, is ok, but to big ones... YUCK...

And don't even get me started on tattoos... (grin)

dd said...

hahaha, tattoos...well John has a lot of them. I found through the years he was getting them done that I like them...kind of...

I think someone like Jamie Foxx is what you would call the new metro male...