Thursday, December 28, 2006

What a Crazy Day

And its not over yet. But the sun is shining. Go Sun!!

What was down, was up... what was, wasn't...what is, isn't... Crazy day. And absolutely nothing happened involving me. All mental stuff, from my point of view.

I was just out having a smoke and talking to the neighbor. She thinks she may be pregnant. 40 yrs old. Tubes tied 13 yrs ago.... and now this. One of those life changing decisions. I'm so glad its not me!! Of course, at my age, how gross would that be?

And I just missed a phone call. Heard the phone ring as I came in, but it stopped before I could get to it. I just have a basic phone setup...can't push a button to see who the last caller was... if it was someone I know personally, I hope they know enough to call back in a few minutes. If it was a telemarketing call, then I'm glad I missed it.

No news is good news.... right?
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dd said...

Oh yes...weird day, weird day all the way around...really some kind of day...