Saturday, December 09, 2006

Don't believe everything you read...

... or hear, or even see.

I was just watching The Early Show on CBS. On the news portion they reported that James Kim died a mile from a hunting lodge where there was enough food to last the entire family for the whole winter.

It is true that Kim was found a mile from a lodge, but it did not contain any food. It was locked up for the season and the owner said there was no food there. (This is based on a news interview of the owner and this is what he said on camera.) Is someone padding the story for a more emotional impact or were they not paying attention? Perhaps a 'fact checker' is in order.

From personal experience of many decades ago, I knew of a family where one of the sons was arrested for stealing bikes. In the news it was reported that there were $10,000 worth of bicycles and bike parts taken. I never saw more than four or five. Could five bicycles be worth $10,000 back in the late 50s?? I don't think so. (I didn't know the bikes were stolen. I was pretty young and dumb at the time.)

And lets not talk about how thoroughly political corruption runs rampant in our so called democracy. Its just too scary. I just watched a program on public TV about the Abramoff corruption.... and Abramoff made over 400 visits to the White House.

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