Sunday, December 24, 2006

Ready or Not

 Time waits for no man... and neither does Christmas. But its got great timing this year; a whole weekend, or most of it, to finish up all that last-minute scramble.

The shot of the tree was taken at a friend's house. She was sitting on the floor, just out of the picture, wrapping up her kids' Santa presents. They were next door having lunch. The friend is one of Candace's friends and I feel like she is my friend as well. She has a more mature mindset.

The other shots are of a building I passed as I sat in traffic. (5 mph was a good speed, if and when you could reach it.) When I first noticed the bright yellow arches I thought "McDonald's?" It looks like a temple of sorts. There are a couple of buddist temples in this area of town... perhaps they've put up another one. Or else someone just likes the decor of it.

This afternoon the family gets together... early afternoon. Once that's done, then I, too, will be done with Christmas. Maybe tonight I'll watch my favorite movie again. I think I have watched it ten times so far this season.

In any event, I hope everyone has a lovely little Merry Christmas.
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dd said...

That first shot looks so homey..very nice...very inviting...loved the other shots too...Have a great day and enjoy your movies when it's over...