Saturday, September 09, 2006

Thats not a drug house!

Thats a drug garage!!

The house (not shown here) on the corner has been sold to the local community college and is currently empty. Some of the crack users around here are using the garage as their place. Yesterday I saw a young woman walking out from the door and move on and then a man with his pants and belt unbuckled came out. He checked his wallet and then slowly did his pants up. Went back in... tossed out an empty can onto grass. Awww life in the hood.

This morning I heard loud voices. A maintenance person for the apts was telling one of the crack users to move on... back and forth conversations. The crackhead then went and got him something out of the garage to sit on and set up in the front of the garage. There were two other guys sitting with him but they don't show up in the photo. (one of the unseen is the guy with the prostitute yesterday.)

I decided to blog it and took the pictures.
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Anonymous said...

I often wonder why people lead these sort of lives.
I can't imagined life like that, living on the street or an abandon garage, and selling myself for more drugs...

They must feel pretty hopeless... I've been very poor, not knowing where my next meal was coming from, and having the lights shut off, and the house almost taken away, so I have had a taste of living on the edge, but I never wanted to do drugs to escape... Shoot, I would think if you could afford drugs you could afford a house. Its all about choices I guess.

I just try to imagine at times what their purpose is? Did they ever have dreams at any time during their lives? And I know it may seem hopeless being raised up like this, but its not that hard to go some place new and start from scratch, I've done it more than once, sooo, I can't identify with them at all...

I do appreciate your posting these pictures