Saturday, September 02, 2006

Nothing says 'autumn'

... like fallen leaves.

This is a shot of the neighbor's doorway. Its filled with dried leaves, although they don't show up well in this picture.

The drama of life. There were shots fired around 4am this morning... close but not at the apartments. Thirty minutes later I saw a police car circling around so someone called the gun shots in to them. There's a public housing project a couple of blocks away and I've heard there's drugs to be had there so that would be my guess as to where the shots came from. (It doesn't seem to work too well when groups of people living in poverty are put all in the same place. I think they should be spotted all over. What I mean by that is when a large apartment complex is built, there should only be a few apts for low-income people.... spread it out, because when its concentrated, the property value and quality of life goes bottom up. I know, I know... it costs too much.)

My neighbor came over crying her heart out.... crying so hard she almost threw up. She's in the process of being dumped by her boy friend who is a coward. Instead of being up front and facing the wrath, he's trying to sneak out the side door and blame things on the woman. Its like taking off a bandaid. If you try to do it a little bit at a time, the pain hurts the same, it just takes forever for it to go away. If you strip that bandaid off in one swope, sure it hurts, but its over fairly quickly. And you also have closure. That's important to the healing process.

The neighbor can see what is happening but she's called crazy because the guy doesn't have the guts to tell it like it is. Its all so classic. He was using her and now he's ready to toss her away. I wish I could zap her and give her a dose of strong testosterone, then she'd be able to see things differently. Estrogen makes us wimpy. Another cruel joke by Mother Nature. (Although we do have the black widow spider we could use as a role model.) Intimate relationships are way over rated.
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