Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"Big Fat Delicious"

Now how many times do you hear those words together? "Big Fat Delicious" Not often. This is an advertisement I saw at one of the local gas stations around here. It caught my eye.

It sure seems like the police have been killing a lot of people lately. I can only imagine the kind of danger they find themselves in a lot of the times. I can only guess at the types of people and situations they have to deal with... but if there was an explosive situation occuring and it needed to calm down, I would not... I repeat, I would NOT call for the police to come. They don't defuse situations. They storm in and escalate it. Their latest victim is an 18 yr old. I can only imagine what the mother must be going through with the loss of her son knowing she is the one that called the police for "help".

Unfortunately, she is not the only one having to deal with a killed-by-police situation. It seems to happen almost daily around here and in neighboring suburbs. No Norman Rockwell paintings here.

I found myself in a Barnes and Noble book store the other day... man, that hasn't happened in a very long time. I noticed the comfortable overstuffed chairs are gone. For all intent and purposes, the chairs are gone. I did see one chair in the store. A hard wooden chair. No camping out there any more.

Also gone are the killer bargain tables.... the feature that would draw me into a transaction simply because it was "too cheap to pass up!!!" You know, those times when you buy a book on the History of Goat Cheese or something else intriguing. They did have a few 'bargain' shelves, but there was something aluring about the tables. Most of the 'bargain' books were not bargain enough for me, but I did surcome to the three-books-for-9.99 deal and I ended up getting books I probably wouldn't have gotten otherwise. They're fiction. I usually don't read fiction. Interesting.

The books are:

Final Beginnings : a novel. Natasha Stoynoff.... with John Edward's name as co-author. I'm currently reading this one. It tells of several different people whose lives and deaths converge and unite during a disaster.

The Memory Book : a novel. Penelope J. Stokes. A woman goes through her grandmother's scrapbook and sees her own life unfold.

The Red Hat Club Rides Again : a novel. Haywood Smith. Any old lady wearing a red hat is good to go in my book.

I hope your day goes well.
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