Monday, September 04, 2006

Hunting and Gathering

I picked up a good friend, who I see maybe once a year, to hunt down some local produce stands to get some fruit and veggies. Although we only see each other rarely it seems easy and natural to step back in line with her. It doesn't seem necessary to be around each other more than this. If there was a reason, it would happen.

But anyhooooo.... We drove to a couple of produce stands. The first one was closed because its a holiday. Actually, this "produce stand" was the farm itself. It use to be in semi-country area but urban growth has encased it. Since it was closed on a holiday, I'm guessing it must be a pretty 'retail' type of business. A couple of blocks down the street we came upon this small stand.

It didn't have a lot of variety.... I mean, you can see how small it is, but we didn't want to drive any further out because we didn't know whether the other stands would be opened or closed. Besides, it was hot and sticky and we wanted to get out of the sun.

There were just a couple of sad looking tomatoes, two kinds of peaches ("light and dark ones" is what we were told. City slickers can be picked out of a crowd in a minute... no sense in wasting time telling them what kind of peaches they were.), some necterines (I bet I spelled that wrong), and lastly was sweet corn.
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