Sunday, May 07, 2006

Its That Kind of Day

I wish I drank. If I did I'd either have me a buzz going or be sleeping it off. I wonder how much revenue is generated from the sale of alcohol. The only legal drug. Bummer.

Mother's Day is coming. How many Mothers' Day cards are sent out of obligation and with hate.... I bet its most of them. Any thing that is wrong with a person has to be because of their mother. It couldn't possibly be because they are just screwed up all on their own. No bonified off-spring would ever think of standing up and saying "I screwed my life up." Naw, its always because of the mother. Well, I'm standing up. My mother didn't have anything to do with my life... it was all my doing.

Spoiled ass brats whining because 'mother threw away my raggedy, germ-encrusted teddy bear and I'm ruined for life.' Give me a frigging ass break.

If I wasn't the dumb-assed bitch that I was I wouldn't have had any children. Then where would they all be. All I've got to say is GET SOME PERSPECTIVE. Take a look at what a really truly "bad mother" does... bet I'd come up smelling like a... like a... well, something other than a rose. And if you have a lousy mother stop expecting her to be a good grandmother. Do you know what a good grandmother looks like? She looks like a fool standing there handing over gobs and gobs of money to you.... that's what she looks like. Its all about what she can do for you.

One of my daughters (I have four), when in her twenties, went through a period of time when there were no boyfriends... no dates.... no nothing. She's attractive, trim, and can be pleasant. I would wonder to myself 'whats up with these guys?!?' Then I found out what the problem was. It was HIGH MAINTENANCE. She's the center of everyone's universe and everyone else in the world is selfish. When the one word that keeps popping into a conversation is selfish you can pretty much be assured of what the deal is with her. She married a whimp. Someone she pushes around. And he's her hatchetman. He's the one she sends out to do her dirty work. "I don't like confrontation." Well, most people don't.

And speaking of blaming everything on mother.... what was Mother Nature thinking by setting it up so children can have babies? What's up with that?? Its all screwed up. Physically its better to have children when you're in your twenties... but there's no wisdom there. That doesn't come until some time in the forties, if it comes at all. So .... its not very logical.

And while I'm bitching here, let me say that I fully admit that I did not make a good mother. It wasn't intentional, though. You see... it was all my mother's fault.

PS... don't hate me because I'm beautiful. There are plenty of other reasons. BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA


I Am said...

None of us are ever mad for the reasons we THINK we are... See, I get along really well with my daughter because I live 2000 + miles away from her... Maybe you should think of moving? (grin)... Hey, it seems to be working for us...

The Crusty Crone said...

Yeah... distance is good. Real good.

I think I spent too much time today reading someone's blog and she was ripping her mother for everything. It was like watching a train wreck... I couldn't look away.

Anonymous said...

Moms do get a bad rap for the most part. I think its' harder with mom and daughters than moms and sons. Guys usually just roll with the punches and if they have an issue with you, you really don't know about it as much. You can pay them off with money or help them get a car and their happy, haha.