Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Colorful Paintings

I came across a web site for Paul Solevad while checking out I like them... bold and colorful. But I also like the paintings because I recognized the locations. Scoll down the page a little and let me tell you what I think they represent (the locations):

A Portland Morning... self-explanatory. The Willamette River cuts through the city of Portland. I'm guessing, but I think the left side is east and the right west. This is based on the two pointy towers far back on the left. If this is so, that would make the first bridge the Broadway.

This photo is from the opposite end of the city, but its the same Willamette River:
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Columbia Gorge... again, self-explanatory. Since the area is green I would say this is west of where "I AM" lives.

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A Day On The Hill... My guess is that this is referencing Marcum Hill where OHSU is; Oregon Health and Science University, a teaching hospital. (They've changed names several times so I might not have this just right. I worked there about 25-30 yrs ago when it was called something else.) The figures would represent the patients and probably the waiting to be seen. The slang name for the place is 'Pill Hill'.

The Food Chain

Fremont Place... this caught my eye because I believe its in my general neighborhood. 15th and Fremont. The shop on the corner is a Starbucks. The mini-mall contains the Wild Oats store, where I go to get my incense. And it looks like things are wet from the rain.

Manifest Destiny Grid

Park Blocks... Downtown near Portland State University, the Portland Art Museum, etc. Its very pretty, but lately the police have had to focus on it at night to get the homeless, drug-users, and indecent behavior folks to leave the area. It was becoming dangerous. A scene from the movie What The Bleep Do We Know was shot in the Park Blocks. (the basketball scene with the young boy) In fact, the whole movie was filmed in Portland.

Duck and Bubble... ??

Washougal Harbor... this is in Washington. I have not been there and I couldn't find any photos of it on the web.

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sandy said...

Enjoyed the tour and the website of that artist. I like his work. The Columbian Gorge was beautiful.