Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Big Brother Alive and Well

The FBI has attempted to put a "mole" in our city government. (Is 'mole' the right term?) The Mayor has "outed" the attempt by letting the citizens know about it. Now why would the FBI be interested in having an informant, you may ask. One reason might be because our Mayor did not roll over and play brain dead when they wanted the city to supply them with personnel. We would be paying the salary of this person but would not have any idea what they would be working on (was it safe? was it legal?... you have to ask that legal question when you are dealing with the FBI or the CIA. Legal doesn't mean the same thing to them as it does to everyone else), where they would be at... absolutely no information about it. The Mayor refused. Go Mayor Potter!

(Now to make sure its clear, when I say 'we' would not know what the person would be working on, I meant that as in the Mayor would know... not anyone else.)

Perhaps there's some revenge seeking going on by the FBI. I mean after all... everyone is suppose to turn into puppets and think they are on the side of good. BWAH HAHAHAHAHAHA Does the name J. Edgar Hoover mean anything to you? If not, I strongly urge you to dive into some accurate history and find out. Check into his closet and see what you find... you may have to move some of his dresses aside, but look deeply. Its SCARY!

Apparently, Big Brother is alive and well.

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sandy said...

well i wrote out a long comment earlier, but it never got here...Anyway, I'll just say I agree, and thank god for the mayor.