Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Big Bang - Trojan

Enron's Trojan Nuclear Plant cooling tower was imploded this morning. Everything went smoothly as planned. Well, as far as we know things were okay. I did some searching of info on Trojan and once again found how much Enron screws their customers. It caused my heart to race and my blood pressure to rise like it does anytime the name Enron comes up. The company seems to be the ultimate bloodsucker. The only good thing I can say involving Enron is that it no longer owns PGE (Portland General Electric).

The ratepayers paid for everything connected with Trojan... including making up the profits lost after Trojan was shut down early due to construction design flaws. Did you get that, what I just said? The ratepayers were paying and continued to pay to cover profits on a nonfunctioning power plant. (00) I need to leave this subject alone now because its so bad for my health. Its bad for my physical, mental, and spiritual health and the only thing I can think of to say is WHY IS THIS CORRUPT COMPANY STILL IN BUSINESS????????

I've got to go meditate for a couple of hours now. The only other thing to add is that I was a PGE "ratepayer" for probably less than a year. Pitiful little statement that it is. Life does seem to be a matter of survival of the fitest and that requires extremely long and sharp teeth coupled with very long and sharp claws... and no conscience. Greed is ugly.

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