Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thursday's Thirteen #20

Crusty's Morsels

1. I don't like it when comedians take cheap shots just for a laugh...Prince Charles and Carmilla can't help what their physical appearance looks like. And I don't think the jokes are funny. And I don't think Carmilla is ugly. (my apologies if I spelled her name wrong.)

2. I keep having dreams of intimidation.

3. I'm marking off the days on the calendar until the 22nd of January. That's when my deranged neighbor is suppose to be out of her apartment. She's been quiet the last three nights.

4. I will often have images of people's faces flash through my mind when I'm waiting for sleep to come. Last night one of the images was the back side of two hairy legs of a man. Huh?

5. I tried to do some sketches, but its been so long I'm going to have to 'warm up' to it. I don't seem to have patience. Or focus.

6. If I could change who I am, my personality, I would.

7. I've been feeling depressed over all the violence in the world. Lack of sunshine and constant rain may be contributing to it.

8. We are having a break in the rain right now (a whole day, yahoo) and I must get my butt to the store this morning. Rain is forecasted for early afternoon. Since my windshield wipers don't work, timing is everything.

9. I'm not going to see about fixing the wiper arms until after the neighbor is gone. I don't want to give her something to break again.

10. My son called last night to ask me what my maiden name was... he was getting his birth certificate. I'm thinking he might be going for a passport.

11. I will be jumping into the shower when I finish this list.

12. A friend gave me a subscription to Vanity Fair magazine. Its got the best horoscopes that I've ever read. Guess I'll be able to read the articles now, but boy, does it ever have gobs of ads! Actually, I think that's all it is... a catalog of advertisements.

13. Hackers and virus creators suck and I hope they all get physical infections.


Uisce said...

Re #13, that would certainly be ironic and boy am I with you on that one!

My 13 are up!

Veronika said...

#9 sounds like a good idea. You should get one of those countdown thingies and when the day comes, have a little celebration party!
#6 It is taking me a looong time to change my personality (co-dependent relationship), but I'm doing it!