Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Just chatting

Guess what... Its still raining! There are low-lying areas around the city that are flooding but most of the city and suburbs are not affected. That doesn't diminish the problems that some folks are having to deal with... its just that the whole area is not affected. We are suppose to be getting a 24+ hour period of no rain, which will be gratefully accepted. I have a mildew/mold problem here in the apartment and it seems to be directly related to the rain, smell wise anyway. I've reported to the manager and will see what can be done.

Yesterday the children's program Reading Rainbow featured a book written and illustrated by Patricia Polacco titled Rechenka's Eggs. Loved the illustrations and the story. They also showed the author making beautiful dyed eggs. (I don't know the term used for these eggs. I think its a Russian art form. My ignorance is showing.) What a process... makes one appreciate the art even more.

If you want to check out her illustrations, go here. If you go to her home page (see link above) and scroll down just a little, there's "author info" and you can see where she lives and works... and you can even see her with her pygmi goats.

Our local public channel has started a new art series on drawing. Its good. I've gotten a lot of information and I've only watched it twice. He's a very good technician.... but... you knew there was a 'but' coming, didn't you. Well, my 'but' is that the portraits/drawings look great and are done so quickly, its amazing, but they don't look like the models. The portrait of the little girl looks like a blonde haired little girl, but it doesn't look like the person. Today he did a man and wife. The wife's face was on the long side, but he made it short. Her nose was just a tad long, which matches the shape of her face, but he made it short. Is that what happens when you get a lot of technical training? Traditional training? The drawings looked great... just didn't look like the person/people. I don't want to put his name down here because he may google himself to see what the buzz is and I don't feel like being exposed. Oh... and let me say I really like how the video was done. You can see the model and the drawing at the same time. Did I mention I am NOT a pillar of integrity?

January 22nd is the grand finale... that is the date the crazy neighbor is suppose to be out. I've started marking off the calendar.

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