Wednesday, January 25, 2006

BOO on NBC!! Opinion follows

No guts, no glory! No wonder NBC's ratings suck. They take a show, The Book of Daniel, that is innovating and, although controversial, good fodder for possible expansion of closed minds and put it on the shelf. And gawd forbid that a show would display a man's personal relationship with Jesus. I guess there are some christians who don't think an individual should be talking directly to Jesus... perhaps they should go thru a third party like a pediophile prist. BOO on NBC for caving! BOO on the sponsors that pulled their support. Its all about the money. Its all about the control. The christians who don't like the show should have simply not watched it. Get a grip for God sake! I suppose next we'll be having christian terrorists bombing networks who show programs they don't like. NBC use to be my favorite network. Now they are off my list completely. PBS... I LOVE YOU THE MOST!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, everyone want to be loved by everyone....therefore no one has any guts to be real anymore. Although I never saw the show, I had read about it and thought it was wonderful that they would show someone having a relationship with Jesus the way I do.

And yes, the only thing that talks now is money......we live in a coward's world and we tooo are cowards if we do not speak up.

It is scary when a small loud minority wins over a silent majority.

Flying Crone has spoken her peace.........