Friday, June 11, 2010

Work of Art - Bravo TV

Did you happen to see the premier of the show Work of Art: the next great artist last night on Bravo TV? Its a reality show set up like Trump's The Apprentice, except its showcasing artists. (although it looks like the boardroom is a gallery.) Sarah Jessica Parker is the exec producer.

If you missed it, you can watch the episode on your pc (45 minutes)... check it out here. (I had to do some searching to find where to click for the full episode, but it could just be me. They also have it separated into individual video segments, too, about 7 minutes at a time. Either way, you are forced to watch some commercials, but I'm just glad its available to view. Thank you, Dove.)

They have all levels of artists.... professional, probably students, a self-taught artist, etc. Plus a wide range of personalities. Of course, one of them has been assigned to be the one everyone hates. The one that makes you turn on the show to see if she got her butt kicked, figuratively speaking. No matter what she does artwise, she'll last a few episodes to help with ratings. (Based on what she created, I thought she should have been send home first, but I don't disagree with the judges choice, either.)

I thought I'd just spread the word about the show a little.


Everyday Goddess said...

What will Bravo think of next?

Thanks for the tip!

chiccoreal said...

This should help educate people to the arts; great idea! I've got to see this! Yes! Thanks Crusty!