Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I have a new favorite, now. I was a Starbucks consumer (from grocery stores, not retail coffee shops) but I am now a Seattle's Best fan. Do not cry for me, Argin... Starbucks, because there is no need to feel rejected. At least not in the corporate sense of the word. Seattle's Best is a subsidiary of Starbucks.

(Seattle's Best history is interesting if you're bored and are curious about hearing how startup companies become national products. Check out Wikipedia's article.)

This month I managed to get a bag of both Starbucks and Seattle's Best coffees together. (I bought one, my daughter bought one.) This was the first time I could compare the coffees to each other, back to back. I typically use Starbucks and occasionally I have had Seattle's Best. (When its a case of needing to count each penny...Seattle's it is, otherwise its Starbucks. And this is because of the consistently good taste of Starbucks, not because I'm a designer snob.)

I remember the moment, the sensation, when I switched brands. It was much like today. I was sitting at the computer having a cup of coffee when I suddenly became conscious that the coffee was tasting especially good.

"yummmmm... this coffee is tasting especially good."

The next pot I made was Starbucks. It was fine. Nothing to complain about. The following day it was back to Seattle's Best.

"yummmm... this coffee is tasting especially good."

That's when I knew for sure... I'm a Seattle's Best fan, now.

I don't think Seattle's Best is available nation wide currently, but if you wanted to try it, I suspect online ordering is available. Do not misunderstand things, though, I'm just voicing a personal preference based on my personal taste buds which may be different than yours. I'm just saying....

oh... oh... speaking of coffee, I have a little fun with iced coffee when the boys are around. They see the dark liquid in the glass with lots of ice cubes. The glass shimmers with beads of condensation. It looks good to me, so I know its gotta look delicious to the boys.

"Is that pop, gramma?"

"ah, ah, why no, its not. Its iced coffee."

"hmmm. It sure looks like pop."

"Well, do you want to taste it?"


And thats the fun... watching their faces squinch all up when they taste it.


And because they're such bright young boys, the second one still takes a drink, too. You know. Just to make sure.
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Wanda said...

Oh that is so funny.

I drink unfiltered unsweetened cranberry juice when I am trying to do my "Fat Flush" thingy. I often put it in a Sobe drink bottle and my grandsons have done the same thing. That sure looks good gramma....Yuk. what are you drinking....

There is nothing better than a cup of coffee that tastes especially good.

Rudee said...

Seattle's Best is OK, but I do like Starbuck's Pike blend best. Very tasty.

The Crusty Crone said...

Pike's blend, huh. Sigh. I'm stuck with decaf and they don't bother with selections. Its just one (as far as I'm aware).... decaf House Blend.

Maybe that will be my next comparison... what is the impact between decaf and caffinated coffee. (The comparison will be based on my body's reaction to them. just fyi.)

And unsweetened cranberry juice? You have a very strong fortitude or something. I'm impressed.

Sandy said...

I'm a Seattle's Best drinker, love it.