Saturday, June 26, 2010

Super Glue

With a post title of "Super Glue", you probably already know where this is going, right? If we haven't personally experienced the amazing bonding effect of Super Glue, then we've heard stories about how it will glue anything. ANY. THING.

Darius now knows about it, too.

I was trying to fix a broken toy for the 5 yr old grandson and I asked him to get me the glue. Elmer's glue. In the background I heard 6 yr old Darius say in a helpful tone "Mom has some super glue!" I called back to him that super glue was too dangerous and that I don't touch the stuff.

After a few moments I gave up on trying to fix the broken toy. Then Darius slowly walked up to me from behind and softly said "gramma?" in that tone that says he's not sure how the conversation is going to go from that point on. Yup. He had glued his finger to the tube.

Confession. I totally lost it then. I'm sure it is going to cost me my nomination for gramma of the year award, but I couldn't help it. If you tell someone don't put your hand in that vat of acid and they turn around and put their hand in the acid, well, it has a tendency to totally tick me off. Sigh. But lets not dwell on this.

The only thing I could think of doing is to soak his finger (and tube) in some rubbing alcohol.

What doesn't show up in the photo is D's face as he wails about his dilemma. One of my endearing terms for D is Mr. Dramatic because it fits. Also, the poor dear was probably scared to death thinking he would spend the rest of his life with a tube of super glue on his finger.... or maybe something WORSE!

When his mom got home a few minutes later, she called the Advice Nurse to see what they knew. Fingernail polish remover with acetone was mentioned, but it could cause some irritation. Darius has sensitive skin, so that was a no-go. The next alternative was baby oil and yahoo... we had some. Well, we had a little.

We had just enough baby oil to cover the glued spot if the container was tipped in a certain way. It was, however, plenty of baby oil to soak the mattress and the front of D's shirt. Oh... and one of his mother's blouses. Ain't life fun?

The Group, as I sometimes call my daughter and grandsons, left and didn't return until evening. No tube on D's finger. Apparently the tube was stuck there all afternoon, but finally one of D's little friends helped him get it off. (Darius wasn't allowing any adult to try to remove it, no doubt thinking we would simply rip off his finger. It crossed my mind, but only once.) I don't know what happened to the tube of super glue. I'm guessing mom probably threw it away.
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Sandy said...

Oh no ---I can imagine at 6 how I would absolutely know I was going to have to wear this the rest of my life.

Wow, so glad they got it off and I'll keep some of those hints in mind. I've never had that happen with any of the kids but there's always a

I don't blame you Gramma for going a little crazy I would have.

Wanda said...

Honestly Crusty -- that sounds like a Magpie story to me. Glad you had the picture to prove it. hahahah.

Kids.... Sometimes it a love/hate relationship... I try to keep the last part to myself!!!! Yikes, being a gramma is tough business.

perfidia said...

Oddly enough, my son had a similar experience today, except that he was *far* from calm about it! You woulda thought he was Chicken Little and the sky was falling for all the noise he made....

Rudee said...

In the ER, I used to see people do crazy things with crazy glue. One guy tried to glue his toes back on after he cut them off with a lawnmower. I think he was insane, but that's beside the point.

I hope your little guy is better today.