Thursday, June 10, 2010


Rain. Its raining. Its been raining. Its been raining for months!! Did I mention how wet it is? Rain. Rain. Rain. What's the forecast for tomorrow? Rain. Gasp... no! You mean its going to rain again, and again, and again.

Its been so wet around here we've got mushrooms growing every where.

I know nothing about mushrooms except that some will kill, some will taste wild (aka dirt), and some will take you on a trip from which you may or may not return. I'm not much of a risk taker either, so I will leave them alone.

I'm just tossing this photo in because I haven't posted it yet and I've got nothing else to share.

Coming next: whining about hot weather. Stay tuned. Film at 11.
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Wanda said...

Rain, Rain, Rain I hear you. Our daughter that lives in Gold Beach, OR is feeling the same way. She is flying down next week for Marc's High School graduation, and looking forward to Southern CA sunshine. She hopes the warm weather continues for her sake. Come on down, CC.

Rudee said...

It was gorgeous here today. A brief respite in what looks to be a weather map full of rain for the weekend. I'm sick of it, too.

Sue J said...

You could redirect some of that rain to us, CC. We aren't getting much at all. Total sprinkler ban for three months through the winter. We are allowed to hand-water, but we have sandy soil and with not watering it it has now become waterproof again - the water just rolls off the top and it only gets wet abou 1cm deep. Then you have to put on wetting agents.