Friday, June 11, 2010

Still Missing

Seven year old Kyron Horman is still missing after a week. Today is day 8 in the search for him. Perhaps you've seen a quick mention of it on the national news. You probably won't hear about it again for a while because the national news staff have left. There's nothing to report on because the authorities are keeping quiet. They have from the start and its the first reason one would have to wonder what the hell is going on?

The whole thing seems very strange. Very strange, indeed.

Kyron was last seen by his stepmom as he was walking down the hallway towards his classroom after they had both gone thru a science fair at the school. The mom had taken a picture of Kyron standing next to his entry in the fair. (His display was about tree frogs. I'm guessing some of you might wonder.) Apparently he never made it to his classroom and the substitute teacher marked him absent. It wasn't until Kyron didn't get off the school bus that afternoon when they realized he was missing. The mom called the school right away and then called the police. The search was started immediately.

They are only allowing certified searchers to work the case. The area is in a semi rural area, some places are very rugged and they don't want Joe Public to get lost or hurt themselves.

The parents are "cooperating fully" which, I think, is police talk for they are not people of interest. I read a comment of someone who said they knew the family and it was a very loving situation.

The police hold press conferences every day to state that the search continues and they have no comments. They aren't sharing any information. Its all vague. For example they may say something like this: "We are searching specific areas as well as the general area around the school." That tells you nothing. (They have searched the school three times.)

We also have not seen the parents at all. They finally gave a statement that was read by the police officer who has been staying with them. Apparently they aren't appearing in public because they want to keep the focus on Kyron and not them. Okay.

The police claim it is still a missing-child search but their actions scream criminal case. Very little has been mentioned about the biological mother. I seem to have the impression that she lives in another state, but I don't know that for sure. And the authorities have interviewed her... but that's all we've heard about the birth mom.

After 8 days, I'm hoping for an abduction. That would mean there is still a chance that Kyron is still alive and hopefully being taken care of... by someone who is not crazy. (Odds of that last part being true is slim.)

Little Kyron has touched a bunch of hearts around here. Even the police get emotional at times. I hope there's a break in the case soon.
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Wanda said...

CC I don't think this has hit the news in So. CA, or at least I haven't seen it and we do watch the news.

I'm so sorry and sad, and will pray they find Kyron soon, unharmed.

Please keep us updated.

Sandy said...

I heard about this on the news! So sad and I hope he is found safe and sound.

Rudee said...

I did hear this on the news and it breaks my heart. I hope he is safe.

Rosy said...

I hadn't heard about his disappearance here on our San Diego News either. It is such a shame that so many kids go missing unaccounted for. I do hope he is found and let it be good news at that.

Sue J said...

And you assume that your kids are safe at school - especially when you've actually seen them inside. This is very sad. I hope they find him soon, and he is OK.