Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Watering Can

Wanda posted a photo of some watering cans and a few of us decided to try to "capture" them. I laid the trap but the can skittered by me. No "capture" today, but it was entertaining. For a while.

Check out what others have done (so far) here. To see the source photograph, go here.

(Wanda had gotten the photo from Abe Lincoln. Unfortunately I don't have his blog link right now.)
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Wanda said...

Great job CC. I love the stone you have the watering can sitting on, and I really like the wire handle.

I posted it on my Art Blog, so now there are four of us. Me, Rosy, Chris and you.


Alices Wonderland said...

jI really like the colors you used and the fact that the side of the stone really has a textured feel to it.

I wonder if the composition rules for drawing and painting are different than for photography? I only mention this as in the original photo by Abe there are 2 cans lined up and the way the openings lined up was very eye pleasing.

The Crusty Crone said...

Rules? There are rules?

I, too, thought the photo composition was very nice with the two cans in front of the dark tree. (also thought the bowl with water that was in the background was eye catching.) After having a reality check with myself, I'm feeling okay with just getting one can done, if you know what I mean.

W, I think it is so handy having all the art in one place to look at it. (I don't know how to do that yet... adding pictures to a post. Be prepared... if I want to do it in the future I'll probably be knocking on your door asking for instructions.)

Sandy said...

Hey this is really pretty, love the color you did it in!

and adding photos is easy by the way, real easy.

Rosy said...

Just love your choice of bright colors here, really brought out the watering can and so nicely done too and I think your the only one who was able to capture one of Abe's watering cans at that.

I also like at how he had those watering cans set up in his yard on them old stones which he say are old sharpering wheels which were given to him.