Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Power of the Internet (updated w/video clip)

Ya gotta luv it! The internet is leveling the playing field between businesses and consumers.

I just read this article about how a woman posted a youtube rant against the Bank of America because they raised her interest rate from 12+% to 30%. (That's over 100% increase. Can you say loan shark?) It got over 250k hits and its growing.

The bank contacted her and now her interest rate has been returned to what it was... which is still too high in my opinion.

Power to the people. Money talks and it talks loudly. Only problem is consumers, on an individual basis, don't have enough money to talk. Their money barely knows how to say 'hello' using sign language. However... banned together via the internet our money can scream bloody murder and I do believe it can move mountains. If it can't move mountains, then maybe it can lower CEO's bonuses to a reasonable level.

If you see or hear about things like this on the internet, spread the word. Let others know about the 'rant' or complaint. Damn it, we customers may just bring back customer service after all!!


Wanda said...

Yeah! Together we WILL be heard.

cat's momma said...

RIGHT ON, Lady! I am SO fed up with the outright theft going on in so MANY areas such as healthcare and credit and tons of other areas!

Sandy said...

I saw that awhile ago, good for her.